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45-MINUTE MIRACLE - The Strength Training, Circuit Training Routine

Stomach Exercises

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Stomach Exercises
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While performing these exercises, it is important that you do not stretch your neck and head forward which will cause injury.  Be sure to use hands only to hold weight of your head or place hands behind ears (not head), chin up (look up at ceiling), use stomach muscles (squeeze) to lift shoulders or legs with each move. 

If your lower back bothers you while performing moves where your legs are up, instead keep them down, bend your knees, heels on floor.   This will alleviate all back pressure.

1. Lie on back, knees bent, on heels;  Press upper body toward ceiling (Pic 1) and twist to right (Pic 2), back to center and down (4 Moves=1 rep).  Press up again, twist to left, back to center and down (2nd Rep).  Repeat going Right, then Left, 3 sets of 10.  Open legs for different muscle effect.

2. Crunch - Legs up, knees slightly bent, pelvic in.  Press elbows to knees for 2 counts; use stomach muscles to bring lower body up to meet upper body and 'crunch' for 2 counts (In).  Press arms out and legs to ceiling for 2 counts (out). Keep shoulders raised.  Repeat 3 sets of 10 (1-2, out-2, 2-2, out-2, etc.).

3. Cycle Crunch-Angle legs slightly, cycle legs slowly, bringing left elbow to right knee, then right elbow to left knee, cycling back and forth for 3 sets of 10.  Keep lower back on floor and use upper and lower stomach muscles with each move, not momentum.
4. Lower Rounds-Bring both knees in to rib cage, press heels up to ceiling and slowly lower straight legs 3/4 back down before pulling knees into rib cage again (equals 1 count).  Keep hands under butt to take pressure off lower back.

5. With legs straight up, feet flexed, press arms down toward floor at hips, pressing stomach muscles with each count, releasing briefly in between counts.  Turn palms up for 2nd set, back down for 3rd. (works slightly different muscles).

6. Crossover - Legs straight up, touch left hand to right toe, then right hand to left toe.  Go back and forth, 1 count for each toe touch.  Use stomach muscles, not momentum to make each lift.

7.  Full Stomach Press-Heels open on floor, knees together, hands behind ears; Press shoulders up, keeping chin up and feel tighten entire stomach muscle from rib cage to pelvic.  Hold for 2 counts and release for 1 (1 rep).  Repeat 3 sets of 10.

8. Side Obliques - On heels, angle legs & lower body to right; press shoulders up toward ceiling, using your side stomach muscles.  Up for 1 counts, release for 1 count (1 rep).  Do 3 sets of 10 and repeat on other side.

9. Lay on side, bend legs into a chair position, hands behind ears; pull right leg up to meet right elbow, crunching side stomach muscles, release and repeat.  3 sets of 10, then repeat other side.

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