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45-MINUTE MIRACLE - The Strength Training, Circuit Training Routine

Warm Up

Heart Rate Calculation
Warm Up
Resistance Exercises
Stomach Exercises
Butt Toners
Cool Down
Tracking Files
Start the Routine with a 5-minute warm up-- Do 2 sets of 10 counts of consistent movement of the upper and lower body to warm muscles. 
Tip:  It's important to loosen up to prevent injury....Don't stretch cold muscles; they are like silly putty and can snap!
During the Warm-Up: (First, Put on Your Favorite Medium Tempo Music to Get You Moving Consistently)
With legs shoulder width apart, use a slight up & down squatting movement (squat down, straighten up)  while working arms as follows:

1. Stretch arm left over head, then right, work legs with a slight up & down squatting motion.
2. Backstroke each arm, slightly swaying side to side. Loosens those shoulders muscles.
3.  Pull fist up rib cage and stretch other arm out straight.  Do left, then right, going back and forth, one count each way.
4.  Punch diagonally across chest, left then right.  Work waist while loosening back muscles. Squat slightly on punch out, straighten legs in between punches.
5.  Twist torso all the way right, then left, keeping lower body still, using exaggerated arm movements front and back to assist the twisting motion. 
6.   (2 pics) Begin with straight arms and curl arms in while slightly squatting.  Press fists to ceiling while straitening legs.  Return fists to shoulders (squat) then straight out to starting position (straight legs).  4 steps = 1 move.
Step 2 - Straighten Body
7.  Hands behind ears, march in place lifting knee to opposite elbow, squeeze stomach muscles; keep all muscles tight.


8.  Now do another version of that same move this time with arms "L" shaped at sides, press elbow down and over to opposite knee; doing a deeper stomach crunching move.