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Walk it Off!


Whatever your fitness level, walking is the easiest, most natural weight-loss exercise you can perform.  Because walking is easy on your joints and your cardiovascular system, even beginners can keep up the pace long enough to burn plenty of calories.  It's a natural movement which, when done regularly, strengthens and tones all major muscles of your body.  Going for a brisk walk will increase your metabolism 6-8 times faster than when you're resting and helps you to metabolize fat at a faster rate.  Walking is a great lower body toner, not to mention the other many hidden health benefits such as:

  • Disease Resistance/Immune System Builder
  • Reduces Stress/Clears your Mind
  • Controls Weight/Reduces Fat 
  • Increases Circulation/Healthy Heart & Lungs 
  • ...and too many more good things to list

This is a great program that gives you: 

  • 2 Treadmill Routines; 1 for Walking and 1 for Walk/Run and;
  • 2 Outdoor walking routines; 1 for the Track and 1 for the Trail  
  • A 2-Week Diet Plan that lets you eat 5 meals per day!
  • 2-Week Diet Plan includes Calorie Counts, Tips, Food Facts and Recipes

You get all this, and at an affordable price you won't find anywhere else! 

You'll be immediately redirected to this program upon successful payment.  Be sure to bookmark it for easy access.

Varied Programs & a Diet Plan all for $9.95

Now Only $3.95!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  You agree to assume the risk of any nutritional changes you make and any exercise program you follow and further agree to hold harmless Body@Work and its owner from any and all claims, suits, losses or related causes of action for damages, including, but not limited to such claims which may result from any injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from a diet or exercise program.  Body@Work advises it's clients to obtain their physician's approval before beginning any diet or exercise program.