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30-Day Healthy Eating Plan

Designed for Weight Loss with Fully Interchangeable Meals! 
Want to be able to eat and still lose weight?  Here's the program for you and at less than half the cost you would pay a personal nutritionalist to design this same eating plan to accomplish healthy, continuous weight loss with NO STARVING REQUIRED!
Being constantly hungry and feeling deprived of food is the main reason most eating plans and diets fail.  This has been designed to keep you full throughout the day with 3 easy meals and 2 snacks. 
Here is a Complete 30-Day Menu Full of healthy, common, everyday foods designed to slim you down.  This 30-day meal plan is completely planned out for you and can be repeated again and again so you can keep losing pounds as long as you need to.   With convenient calorie counts per meal, you can switch meals from one day to the next so you can eat what you want, when you want!
Each meal is about 300-500 calories each to keep you nourished throughout the day.  Meals include the proper mix of  protein, carbs, fiber, calcium and other nutrients needed to get your metabolism burning calories.  Not all meals involve cooking, some are designed for being "on the go" which can be switched or repeated from day to day.  For instance, if you eat breakfast on the run, there are no-cooking options included.  The menu is very inter-changeable and flexible to fit your routine.
You also get Healthy Recipes, Great Nutrition Tips and even a Grocery Shopping List to help you choose the right foods on your next shopping trip. 
This plan can be easily adjusted to meet your calorie requirements with no restricted foods, except (of course) saturated fats. 
Proper calorie calculation included with program and a Food Diary and Formulated Calendar that tracks your daily calorie intake!  It tells you what you need to know to get to the weight you want to be at.   Also included in the plan is a menu of the right fast food choices for those on the go.
Don't try dieting without it!
Eating right is easier than you think when you have a good plan to follow.  Professionally Designed for Weight Loss. 
You'll be immediately redirected to this weight loss program upon successful payment.  Be sure to bookmark it for easy access.
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This program includes more than a 30-day menu, you get pages valuable information!