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30-Day Good Carb Menu


Here is a meal plan that truly works.  Simple changes that you hardly notice will allow you to lose weight effortlessly. 
Low-Carb diets have become the logical choice for anyone wanting to lose fat, however, can be too resitricting.  By cutting out the bad carbs only and keeping the good carbs, you never feel deprived of any food group and you see the pounds begin to come off easily. 
The way food is metabolized in the body is simple:  For energy, it burns sugar first, then carbohydrates, then fat last.  When you give the body less sugar and carbs to burn, it will burn fat faster and more efficiently, leaving you with lean muscle.  If you want to look lean and fit, you can lose weight quite rapidly by combining a low-carb diet with increased activity. 
No calorie counting, no measuring foods.  This is a plan that is easy to live with!
This professionally designed 30-day Good-Carb menu is full of delicious foods and great recipes that you can follow over and over again.  It includes a list of foods you should eat and those you should avoid, but it is not overly-restrictive except with highly processed foods. 
Some low-carb diets require special brand purchases (such as "Adkins" brand foods).  There are no commercially marketed low-carb brands worked into the menu, so there is no need to buy expensive specialty foods to follow this meal plan.
The menu is fully can switch meals from day to day for ease and convenience.
As a bonus...
Week 4 of this menu includes fast food choices for those on the go.  When in need of a quick fast-food meal, you need to know what to eat to stay on track and keep losing pounds.
Can't go wrong with this plan...You'll lose weight and feel great!
You'll be immediately redirected to this weight loss plan upon successful payment.  Be sure to bookmark the site for easy access.
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This program includes more than a 30-day menu, you get more pages with valuable information!


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Low/Good Carb Menu