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Body Toning Routine


Heart Rate Calculation
Warm Up
Arms with Step
Butt Tighteners
Cool Down
Leg Stretches

These next moves are great lower body toners.  Be sure to keep your body aligned properly, shoulders back, stomach in to get the most benefit. 
When laying on your side, roll slightly forward so you are on the side of your hip, not rolled back on your butt.  This will help you to work the proper muscles and avoid back injury.
3 Sets of 10 of each move.  Perform all on one side, then do same routine on other leg.
Tip:  Your outter thigh will get tight during this part of the routine. 
Be sure to use these stretches when necessary to avoid injury before going on to the next set.

1. Love-Handle Blaster! - On knees, arms out to sides, tilt pelvic in slightly.  Go from left to right all the way to the floor, first touching fingertips for 3 sets, then further down to knuckles for 3 sets, then to palms, 3 sets.  Effective Exercise!

2. Outer Thigh/Hip Toner - On hand and knee, left leg straight for one count, then down slowly for one count.  Repeat.  If too hard on your knee, lay on side, keep bottom leg bent, upper leg straight out


3. Stretch-Back Press - Stretch leg in an "L" shape behind butt (thigh sideways), flex your foot (toes in) and perform small presses upward, concentrating on squeezing the hip & butt muscles.   

Small 'crunching' presses toward ceiling will help to eliminate
4. Bring knee into chest, rounding your spine; then tap toe on floor and press toe out and up toward ceiling, squeezing butt, slightly arching back (lift chin).  Keep muscles tight.  Use muscles to complete the move; don't swing leg using momentum.
5. Hamstring Presses - L-shape leg, flex foot and squeeze lower leg in toward butt, then press heel up toward ceiling (in, up, down, out).  Concentrate on tightening hamstring and butt muscles.  Try to throw in an extra set, these really work!
6. Straight-Leg Lift - On elbows, point toe and press straight leg directly toward ceiling, squeezing butt to cause the lifting motion.  Flex foot for next set, point again 3rd set.
Make small pulses with butt muscle

7.  Lay on side legs bend into a chair position and press leg up and back down squeezing hip and outer thigh muscles throughout move.  Keep foot flexed.
8. Extend leg straight out and lift for one count, back down for one count.  Keep foot flexed.

9. Point toe on straight leg and move in a circular motion, first in a forward circle, then change to backward.  Use hip/upper thigh muscles to complete move.  Eliminates 'saddlebags' on the upper thighs.

10.  On side, entire body straight, pull leg in, knee to chest, then straight, then up.  Be sure to lift side of thigh toward ceiling with small presses; point toe.  Stay on side through entire move; don't roll back on butt.
11.  Rolling back slightly, pull knee in toward shoulder and press heel out (flex foot) and up toward ceiling.  Keep presses tight and controlled; don't kick.

12. Cross top leg over onto floor and lift lower leg, concentrating on inner thigh muscle. 


Repeat all exercises with other leg before continuing routine.