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Body Toning Routine

Butt Tighteners

Heart Rate Calculation
Warm Up
Arms with Step
Butt Tighteners
Cool Down
Leg Stretches

In Step 1 - Do 4 sets of 8 Go through entire routine with one leg, then the other.  If this is too hard at first, alternate legs at 2 sets each.  Then make it your goal to do all 4 sets on one side.  You can use a chair or bench for better toning:  Stand facing bench, bend and place forearms on bench, do moves from this position.
Great compliment to above exercises and helps begin your cool-down.
In Step 2 - 4 sets of 8 Do these after both legs are worked thoroughly in step 1.  Lay on floor, prop feet up on step, on heels, squeeze butt and hamstring muscles. Keeping lower back on ground, lift butt off floor about 3 inches. 

Step 1 - Butt Blasters!

1. Cross right leg behind left and then press diagonally up to the right for one count, back down for one count, keep heel pressed out (foot flexed) and use butt muscle to make the move.

2.  Keep leg up diagonally and pulse (small presses) it up for 4 sets.  Point your toe for first set, then flex, point for 3rd, flex 4th.  Squeeze your butt/hip muscles.  This targets 'saddlebags' on thighs/butt.


3.  Press leg straight up (back of leg toward ceiling) to hip level then press heel into butt, tightening hamstring and butt muscles.  Straighten leg and return to floor.  Keep leg tight through entire move.


4.  L-shape leg and press heel toward ceiling, with small, tight presses.  Concentrate on butt muscle.  Point toe for 2nd set, flex for 3rd, point for 4th. 

Small Presses Up

5.  L-shape leg and press heel into butt with each count.  These tighten and tone the butt and hamstring muscles.

6.  Flex foot, bring knee into chest, then press heel/leg straight out.  Return to starting position and repeat.  Each press out is one count.

Example:  Here is the proper form when using a chair or bench for these exercises.  Makes it much more challenging!  Keep head down to avoid neck strain.


If this is too difficult, do 2 sets per leg and switch back and forth.  As you condition your body, these moves will become easier--give them a try!

Step 2 - Almost Done!
1.  Lay on floor, place feet on step, crate, etc...On heels, legs apart, tilt pelvic in slightly, squeeze butt muscles with each count, lifting no more than 2-3 inches off floor.  Keep lower back on floor.

2.  Put knees together; feet apart (on heels) and squeeze butt muscles with each count.  Also feel lower stomach muscle contract.


3. Now straighten right leg, point toe to ceiling and squeeze left side to slightly lift butt off floor.  Keep pelvic tilted and lower back on floor.  Do 4 sets then repeat with other leg.

Flex Foot for 2nd Set, Point-3rd, Flex-4th