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How Can Eating Right Be Easy?
It's amazing how much I didn't know before I started researching food facts.  The simplest things can make you lose weight.  The Successful Weight Loss E-Book gives you so much information you can easily start losing weight just by knowing the facts.  Shop smarter on your next grocery trip.  Know what foods to look for and why to avoid fat-free and diet foods.  Learn what the food industry won't tell you about "Enriched" and "Fat Free" foods...very misleading!  Learn how a yogurt and an apple a day keeps the doctor (and fat) away.  You won't believe how easy weight loss through knowledge can be! 
How is it Exercise Makes You Feel Good?
There are so many benefits of exercise.  Weight Control and Great Health are just two....But, exercise releases chemical 'endorphins' into your bloodstream which naturally make you feel more alert mentally and physically and adjust your total body to a better state of health and wellbeing.   You will gain more energy, stamina, a level peace of mind, and a sense of accomplishment...not to mention a Great Body! 
Does Dieting Work without Exercise?
Yes, you can lose weight through food choices.  The Calorie Calculation table included with most programs shows you how.  It takes 3,500 calories to lose or gain a pound. 
Weight loss is accomplished by maintaining a negative calorie balance whether thru food or exercise or a combination.  Regular exercise helps you to burn more calories, is great for your long-term health, and is recommended with any weight loss plan. 
What is the best exercise for losing fat?
Interval Training (Walking Program/Body-Toning) or Circuit Training (45 Minute Miracle) increases your breathing and heart rate at a heightened then lowered levels, which gives you more fat-burning power, rather than carb-burning as is done at continuous levels.  Anything that involves your entire body weight such as walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, in-line skating, even weight lifting with minimum breaks, at different intensities, will burn the most calories.  Learn more with all the valuable information you get with a GetThatBody program.
How long should you work-out to burn fat?
The longer, the better.  Even if you start out at 15 minutes, twice per day, your body will benefit.  To make the most of your work-out sessions, make them last AT LEAST 30 minutes per day.  You should burn between 700-2,000 calories per week for ultimate health benefits in any work-out plan you choose. 
What is the most important factor in weight loss?
Calories.  Since it takes 3,500 calories to gain or lose a pound, it doesn't really matter how you do it.  However, exercising builds muscle and rev's your metabolism which helps you to burn more calories faster, so you cut less food from your diet.  The more muscle you build the more calories your body burns naturally which is why any type of exercise program is recommended with a sensible nutrition plan.  Learn about "starvation mode" and why a too-strict diet will make you hold on to weight.  (Learn this and more in the "Successful Weight Loss" e-book.  Very Valuable Information!
Why are Vitamins Important?
Even when you're eating better you can't always get all of the Nutrients your body needs.  Taking a multi-vitamin daily gives your body the 100% to keep you and your immune system healthy to fight disease.  Other healthy herbs and supplements are also available. 
Get a Great Vitamin & Nutrient Chart in the "Successful Weight Loss" E-book.  It gives you important information about the nutrients your body needs.