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Weight Loss Tips!

Several people comment to me about their difficulty in losing weight.  Such comments aren't all that surprising, given that 50% of Americans are fad-dieting or paying for gimmicks that don't do what they claim.
There are a few key principles to remember when it comes to losing weight.
1.  Be skeptical of easy weight loss claims.  Most of the 'magic' weight loss liquids, pills and powders you hear about on the radio guaranty their results by restricting food intake for their "magic pill" to work, something they don't mention in their ads.
2.  Embrace a mind set that successful weight loss is based on establishing and keeping a negative calorie balance, which means you have to expend more calories that you consume, which needs to be done over a continuous period of time.
3.  Therefore, establish a realistic expectation for weight loss.  One to two pounds a week is perfect.  If you feel that pace is too slow or not enough then you're setting yourself up for frustration.  Patience and determination are important keys to successful and continual weight loss.
4.  Weight loss occurs easier with exercise.  By expending more calories and adding muscle you are increasing your metabolism, which is your calorie burner.  The importance of exercise is to make it a part of your daily activity; make it a habit.  Tip:  Listen to the same music during each workout for 1 week and everytime you hear that music your body will automatically want to exercise (it works!!) 
5.  Don't expect exercise to do it all.  Exercise does help burn additional calories, but when done in conjunction with eating fewer calories, you'll see results much faster!  Exercise will give you a bigger appetite, so it's important to keep your portions regular. Eat foods that compliment your exercise and give you the greatest health benefits such as fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, and avoid processed foods and enriched flours.    Get the Successful Weight Loss e-book for the most up to date, valuable information such as this.
6.  Stay on track; be specific in what you're going to do and when.  Have a plan and stick to it. 
7.  Focus on the process, not the outcome.  Set weekly mini-goals, such as to work out three times, rather than to lose 5 pounds.  This will bring you added motivation naturally by accomplishing an easy but effective goal.
8.  When you simply don't feel like exercising, but know you your favorite easy exercises for 10-15 minutes just to get the blood pumping.  Throw in a set of push-ups, crunches and squats for a quick all-over body toner.
9.  Celebrate successes.  Keep a list of the goals you want to achieve and buy yourself something nice (like a new set of hand weights!).  Share your workout plans with co-workers, friends an family.  As they notice your motivation and results they will mention it, raising your self-esteem and determination.
10.  Find the Satisfaction Within - A good workout will clear your head of stress, give you a great sense of accomplishment and make your body and mind stronger.