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Track Your Progress

 Results Tracking - I've created some very valuable eating and exercise tracking pages just for You, absolutely FREE!  Easy to use files you can download to start your food diary, track your walking and work-out results, and post your weight lifting achievements.  More for your good health from!
Excel File Format (.xls) - File will open into your Excel program
(If you do not have Excel, e-mail me and I'll try to match these forms to your current program.)
Food Diary/Journal - A great way to track your daily calorie intake, includes formulas to help you toward weight loss.  Food Diary is highly recommended as a great weight loss tool (as one of many valuable recommendations found in the Successful Weight Loss e-book!).

Download Food Diary Here

Calorie Calculator - Here is a Calendar that tracks your daily calories, tracks your goal calories, and tells you how many calories over or under so you can easily adjust your food intake and reach your goals faster.

Download Calorie Counter Here

Strength Training Log - Record your weights, reps and results.  This log will keep you motivated to tone and strengthen those gorgeous muscles!

Download Strength Training Log Here

Aerobic Activity Log - Keep track of how many calories you burn through aerobic activity.  Record the calories and watch the pounds melt away.  Track heart rate and breathing for the healthiest cardiovascular system ever!  Includes heart rate formulas for minimum, maximum and ideal heart rate during exercise.

Download Aerobic Log Here

Walking Program Log - Start a simple walking program and track your results to watch the pounds melt away, see your major muscle groups firm up fast.  Includes heartrate calculations and daily entries for regular walking or interval training.

Download Walking Log Here