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Easy Steps to Weight Loss

Most people realize that losing weight is not an easy task.  But it can be easier than you think.  Several reasons you might have trouble dieting is the misleading information the marketing community tries to sell you and the information they hide.  The "magic pills" and "fast-loss diets" do nothing but cause you to lose water weight and store fat while breaking down muscle for energy.  This is opposite of what you need to accomplish for successful weight loss.
It amazes most people how easy weight loss becomes once they know the right path to follow.  Sometimes all it takes is the right information to get you going in the right direction. So, if you are tired of starving, suffering and failing in your weight loss efforts, here are some of the facts of weight loss that might make it easier for you.  The Successful Weight Loss E-book contains this information and MORE!

It's a fact that the reason most weight loss diets fail is because you feel deprived of foods you love.  Secondly, you don't see results quickly enough.   Permanent weight loss is a slow and steady process.  You have to use patience, determination and motivation to keep a negative calorie balance in your diet, whether thru activity or eating less, or a combination of both.  This is how weight will come off the quickest. 
So what is the best diet to follow?  I have found that if you simply cut out the highly processed foods and replace them with unprocessed foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of meat and whole grains, you can just about eat as much as you want and still lose weight.  There is good reasoning behind this, find more about it in the valuable e-book. 
Now, it's a fact that calories ultimately play a role in the weight loss picture, but with this type of eating plan, you won't feel like you're starving.  That takes care of one of the two problems.  You simply cut out the processed foods and the sugars that sabotage most weight loss plans.  This type of change will take some discipline to begin, but if you follow this plan for just 2 weeks, you'll begin to crave the bad foods (such as salty empty-calorie snacks and bakery goods) less often.  This is a positive plan to follow to avoid the feelings of deprivation, starvation and failure. 
Now, portion sizes also must come into play to make this a realistic success, but as long as you're eating the right foods, the rest will take care of itself.  You'll find yourself feeling satisfied without having to overindulge as you may have done in the past. 
The task is simple:  Keep all foods you eat as close to natural as possible.  Overly processed foods such as white bread, starchy pastas and rice, boxed dinners high in sodium, etc. are what packs on pounds, even if you're counting calories.  These types of foods readily turn to fat and add no nutritional worth to your body.
Read labels to be sure - Labels can be misleading! Grain breads you see everywhere likely still contain the words "enriched flour" in their ingredients.  This means "highly processed".  Even if a bread says "wheat", it's not whole grain unless the ingredients specify that it is "whole" and not "enriched" flour. Same goes for pasta and rice--choose whole grain for all of these foods.  The body uses more calories to process them and they contain nutrients unlike highly processed foods.
Watch sodium content in lunch meats, sauces and soups.  Excess sodium will cause you to bloat, keeping a layer of water under your skin, making you look less lean.

Consistently decrease sugar intake- As your sugar intake goes down, so do your fat cells.  Sugary beverages, baked goods, even breath mints contribute to plumped up fat cells.  As you take away the sugar that fills these cells, the more they become depleted and the thinner you become. 
Carbs equal energy.  If you eat a lot of carbs, you have to burn them off with alot of energy. As your body uses energy to burn calories, it will use simple sugar (table sugar) first, easy fuel when you make it readily available, then it turns to the complex carbohydrates, such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains, etc., and last, it will turn to your fat stores for energy.  So...In order to get the body to the fat burning mode faster and more efficiently, you need to cut out that first layer of sugar.  The body needs the complex carbohydrates to function properly and efficiently.  You'd be amazed at how this really works!
Replace sweetned beverages first for increased fat loss.  This is one often overlooked step to take to curb your sugar intake.  Watch sugar content in salad dressings, energy bars and drinks, flavored yogurt, most fat-free foods and gelatins.  These all contribute to plumping up your fat cells.  Sugar substitutes should be used when necessary, however, they really do contain toxins, so you'll want to limit them in your diet.  Fact:  Diet soft-drinks spark appetite due to their toxicity.
Get Moving! Of course, to start burning fat for fuel, you need to be at least semi-active.  You don't need to become an athelete, but you really do need to realize the fact that you get many, many benefits out of just 3 hours of activity per week or 30 minutes of activity per day, however it best fits into your schedule.  This is the least amount that is recommended to lose weight effectively and efficiently when paired with a healthy eating plan.  It's the only real combination that works....and it works!
If you're not currently active, combining an eating plan as described above with a simple walking plan or other regular physical activity, you will have no problem losing weight while you are able to eat to satisfaction (without 'pigging out'). 
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