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The 3-Step Weight Loss Plan



With The

 3-Step Weight Loss Plan

Now only $3.99!

YOU CAN Lose the Weight and Look Fantastic and Keep it Off!  If you are serious about wanting to lose weight faster and easier without frustration, you have to check out this great 3-Step Plan!  What if I told you that you could start losing weight tomorrow?  You will with Step 1.  Then just follow Steps 2 & 3 to achieve fast results of real, permanent weight loss!  The weight just keeps coming off!


This easy to follow 3-Step Plan will get you losing pounds and shedding fat fast with the steps you need to get your metabolism running in fast gear so you can finally get to the weight you want to be at!   No gimmicks or fad diets in this plan -- only  Results! 


Unlike quick weight loss scams, caffeine pills and fad diets, this contains everything needed to achieve real weight loss in the quickest way possible. Using this proven combination will get you losing pounds in no time by showing you how to melt off fat like magic!


It's an easy to live with plan and It will work for You!  Lose pounds and stubborn fat and maintain your ideal weight.  It's so easy to follow you can use it continuously to stay thin for the rest of your life.  The Eating Plan is a satisfying menu you can live with and the everyday foods used are the basis of successful weight loss.  Imagine losing weight without starving!  It's a plan you can live with!  You even get fast-food choices and dining out tips for those on the go!!


Learn little-known facts you need to know that will get you losing weight right away.  Learn how to easily rev up your metabolism to burn more calories and increase your fat burning by performing everyday activities more effectively like walking and biking, or even dancing! 


You get SO MUCH with this plan, you’ll be amazed at the price once you’ve seen everything.  Most consultants and trainers charge big $$ for this type of professionally designed weight loss plan because it's jam-packed with tons of valuable weight loss information.  But I'm practically giving it away--Priced to help YOU Slim down easily to Get The Body You've Always Wanted!


Just look at what you get….


A Weight Loss Fat Flush Recipe - This delicious, refreshing beverage will help you to start Losing Weight Overnight by releasing the toxic fluid from your cells that holds onto fat stores. Gets rid of excess water weight to make you leaner, kick-starts your metabolism to burn calories and shed fat more efficiently.  Even gives you more energy and best of all, controls unwanted cravings.  It’s an excellent, positive way to begin any weight loss plan and can be used anytime your cravings get out of control.


Complete Weight Loss Meal Plans - Eat to Lose Weight - A strict diet can set you up for failure.  These generous eating plans (1 Low Fat & 1 Good Carb) offer 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, using common, everyday foods with no high-priced commercial purchases required.  Designed for fast results for those who hate to diet (it's not rabbit food)!  You can Eat several times per day and still Lose Weight without feeling deprived!  Includes Great Recipes and easy meals that keep you full.  Professionally planned out by a weight loss consultant.

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Complete 3-in-1 Walking Program- Imagine just walking your way to  a thinner you.  For beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, you get a full array of suggested routines to follow to get your body burning double the calories for much faster weight loss.

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The Successful Weight Loss E-Book Get one of the web's most valuable weight loss guides with this plan.  This e-book is LOADED with valuable weight loss information!  This book includes a very informative Vitamin and Nutrient chart that explains what these vitamins do for your body and what foods to find them in! 

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Here’s just some of the great information you'll read in this E-book:


  • Why diets don't work
  • Psychological approaches that do
  • Success with a food diary
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Calories in/out explained
  • Revving the metabolism
  • Foods that push calories thru the body
  • Healing foods - Antioxidants
  • How Diet Foods make you fat
  • Eating Fat - The good, bad and the ugly
  • Reading food labels & what they mean
  • Judging portion sizes (1 cup = 1 fist)
  • Good carbs vs. no carbs – Why low-carb works
  • Best Fast Food choices & dining out tips
  • Secrets & methods of weight loss winners
  • Foods good & bad effects on the body
  • ...and more! This E-Book is truly worth the cost of the program itself!


There’s More!…You also get:


A Calorie Table - An informative table that gives you the formula to tell you the calories to consume to be at the weight you want to be at.  Learn the best ways to get you there easier.  Whether you need to lose 5lbs. or 150lbs -- It will teach you an important step to easily manage your weight.


An Activity Table listing an array of popular sports and activities.  This table is unlike others you see because it lists calories burned by the weight you are at so you can more efficiently track how the activity will affect your calorie-burning results.


 Pages of Eating tips and strategies to easily keep you motivated and steadily losing weight.  Little changes go a long way and there are some simple methods and little known facts you need to know to effectively lose weight without trying so hard.  Get them all here.    


Even if you don’t exercise, the nutritional information you learn with this plan will cause you to lose weight.


Interactive Tracking Tools: 


    You get An Interactive Food Diary that helps track your calories on a daily basis.  Just type in what you eat.  Built-in formulas tell you how you did for the day.

    An interactive Calorie Counting Calendar - Enter your daily calories from the food diary to know how you're doing by the week.  Fun to track and keeps you motivated to succeed!

    Also get 3 activity-tracking forms for aerobic, walking and weight bearing exercises that you can record results to keep you motivated for even faster weight loss results! (These interactive forms run on Windows)

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 There’s Even More...


Motivational Support: Yes, now you can be part of the new interactive private Weight Loss & Fitness Forum available only thru this plan.  Communicate exclusively with other users of this plan to ask questions, get answers, share motivational ideas and weight loss secrets and successes! 


And...You can get motivational support when you need it from the Trainer, just send an email and get an answer back in no time.  It's like getting free online Personal Training sessions!!


Image Hosted at ImageHosting.usYou’ll be beaming with confidence with a sensationally slim and toned body which you'll get only from an all-around plan like this, designed for the quickest weight loss with all the tools you need for success!


All At a Great Price too! ... & NO SHIPPING CHARGES!!  This is a Complete Online Weight Loss Program.  Upon payment, you will be immediately redirected to the 3-Step Weight Loss Plan & E-Book and all the extras so you can begin the Plan right away! 

Order today and start losing weight tomorrow!


This is a quality plan that will work for you.  Don't let the low price mislead you -- This is a great program packed with everything you need to start losing weight right away.  


You won't be disappointed.   Can’t beat this deal!


The Sooner you Begin...the Sooner You're Slim!



Also, if you're looking for all this plus a complete cross-training exercise program with full-color photos and complete instruction for every exercise move, Check out the

Ultimate Cross-Training System


Just take a look at what you get with this Great Program!

You’ll be beaming with confidence with a slim and toned body which you'll get just by following these few simple steps!. 


Realistic Results can be accomplished in
just 3 short months using this great plan.

Now only $3.99! 3-Step Weight Loss Plan, Free E-Book, Diet Plan, Walking Program, Tracking Pages & So Much More!

Immediate Access:  You will be redirected to the 3-Step Super Weight Loss Plan & E-book website immediately following the PayPal payment pages--Click on "Return to Merchant" to get to the site and be sure to bookmark the page for easy return once you arrive there.

Why Wait? A Professionally Designed Super Weight Loss Plan for an unheard of price!! 

Always consult your physician before beginning any new diet or fitness program.