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Divided Plate Plan

This plan is discussed in "Weight Loss Strategies"

As long as you keep your fruit and vegetable portion at half the plate and protein and carbs at 1/4 each, you will be able to eat a full plate at every meal.  Great for buffet-type meals.  If you go back, do it again, but with veggies and protein, leaving out the carbs.  You'll walk away full and never feel deprived and you'll still lose weight.  Why?  Because the good carbs from veggies and fruit and the proteins will fill you up before calories get out of control.  Just remember to keep full-fat and full-sugar sauces to a minimum with this plan for it to be successful.
Here is how you should divide your plate for results:
Fill 1/2 your plate with Vegetables and Fruits
Fill 1/4 with Lean Proteins
Fill 1/4 with Whole Grains or Starches
Try to keep the breads and pastas to whole grains, but when you can't, substitute them with bean dishes or low-fat potato dishes (a potato is still good for you unless it's drenched with fats)


See the Weight Loss Strategies section for more information on this plan!

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