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Body Toning Routine

Arms with Step

Heart Rate Calculation
Warm Up
Arms with Step
Butt Tighteners
Cool Down
Leg Stretches
Be sure to have your favorite medium tempo music going to help you flow more easily through this step following the beats of the music.  First perform the step until you are comfortable with it, then add the arm movements.
Perform each move slowly and keep all muscles tight and controlled.  Keep back aligned by sucking in stomach.

Using the following step positions (1 thru 10 = 1 set), coordinate with arm exercises, do 3 sets of 10 each with no breaks in-between. Add light hand weights as this becomes too easy.  This will keep your heart rate up (See Heart Rate Calculation Page before you begin).

Directly after the warm up, while your heart rate is still up....
1.  Do 1 set of 10 Push Ups; 2 counts down, 2 counts up.
Press to a straight-arm position using all upper body muscles.

2.  Next, in a push-up type position, only this time on arms, tighten your body into a straight line or "Plank" and hold for 3 counts of 10.  This will greatly strengthen your lower back.


Now begin the Arms/Aerobic Part of the Routine
(Use your favorite medium to fast tempo music for this routine)
The Step:
Use a fitness step, wide stair step, or do these steps on the floor going forward for the "up" and backward for the "down" movements.
(Count numbers aloud to promote good breathing.)
Step Up (1), back Down (2),
Back Up (3), Down (4)
Up, Over, Down (5) (to other end of step),
Up (6), Down (7)
Up (8), Down (9),
Up, Over, Down (10). 


From floor, Step "UP" for 1st count, Step "DOWN" for 2nd.
Repeat again same side for counts 3-'Up' and 4-'Down'.


For #5 you're stepping over to other end of board (middle position).
Now Start Step "6" on other end of board:
"6" - STEP UP
"8" - STEP UP
"10" - UP, OVER, DOWN

Now Incorporate these Arm Movements with the Step (above)--3 Sets Each of 10 Counts (steps).

1. Side Arm Raises - Lift straight out at sides for every count; down between counts..

2. Curl Arms In.  Keep elbows high for best effect.
3. Back Press - Inner-Arms/palms facing forward.  Press arms backward, small presses, squeezing upper back muscles.
4. Triceps Back - Lean slightly forward, elbow up & back; press lower arm back and up, squeezing triceps (back of arm).
5. Chest Press - Curl arms in toward chest, flexing chest muscles; Press arms back out to an open position.  Keep all muscles tight throughout move.
Curl In; Press Out

6. Arm Twists - Keeping arms close to body, twist arms in a forward motion, loosening up shoulders and working all arm muscles.

Notice Palm Positions for Full Twist

7. Arm Curl to Shoulder - Palms facing head, press arms toward shoulders, squeezing biceps. Keep tight and squeeze muscles, don't use momentum.


8.  Arms down, bent at elbows, palms in; press shoulders using elbows in a sweeping up at side motion.  Return to starting position. Squeeze shoulder muscles with each upward move.