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Eating Tips

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Use these tips to keep you on track for your weight loss goals.
The key is moderation.  Don't throw all your hard work out the window by bingeing or over-indulging.   If it happens, and it sometimes does, continue your eating plan with the next meal.   Have fun, don't let yourself suffer, but keep what you've learned in mind.

Sometimes social events can take their toll on the best laid eating plan.  If you find yourself getting weak when socializing, use some of these tips to help you get thru them...

Out for Dinner?

  • When going out to eat, create an eating plan ahead of time in your mind so you don't mindlessly overeat and always try to order smart.
  • Have clear broth soup or salad instead of a fattening appetizer
  • Remove the breading off most of your shrimp or other deep fried breaded foods 
  • Dip bread in healthy oils instead of using butter - but keep bread to a minimum regardless
  • Order lean cuts of meat or stick with fish dishes for best choice
  • Keep fattening sauces to a minimum
  • Pass on pasta dishes
  • Fill yourself up with proteins and fiberous vegetables so there is no room for dessert

Going to a party?

  • Eat a healthy snack that includes protein so you feel full before arriving at a party, you'll make smarter choices
  • If you tend to talk and snack, stick close to the fruit/vegetable tray.  Fill up on these healthy snacks first.
  • Otherwise, don't hang out near the food.  Putting some distance between you and the snack table will add to your efforts.
  • Eat bite sized portions of seafood, meats, etc., with no sauce or low-fat sauces.  High-fat sauces and dips can add pounds fast.
  • Again, pass on the pasta dishes--eat something more calorie-friendly
  • Eat cheese bites in moderation, chances are it won't be the low-fat version.
  • Stay away from cracker trays if possible unless you see whole-grains available.  Remember that enriched flour/refined starches convert to sugar and fat immediately. 
  • Take one bite of something and if it's not that great, ditch it.  Don't eat just to clean your plate or to please someone else.  .
  • Stay away from salty snacks, only a palmful is a good rule of thumb.
  • Enjoy your favorite treats, but stick to only a couple and savor every bite.
  • Fill up on liquids if you feel you're starting to over snack.
  • Drink Perrier with lemon or choose wine spritzers and drink water between alcoholic beverages to keep those empty calories low and keep your body hydrated (also alleviates hangover symptoms)

In a nutshell...

  • If you overdo it one day, be sure to eat filling and water-based foods the next, like high fiber cereal, fruits and clear broth soups to leverage the extra calories you consumed.
  • Remember, if you're good 90% of the time, the other 10% doesn't really matter!


Foods You Should Eat More of:

Roasted Poultry - Turkey or Chicken with gravy - Fill half your plate with this instead of starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta dishes.  Fil up on the protein and add a couple different vegetable dishes.

Fish - Baked or Broiled, this brain & heart healthy and calorie-friendly food is packed with nutrients you don't find anywhere else.  Add fish to your menu a couple times per week.  Use chopped fruits as a topping or lemon and spices or make your own healthy tartar sauce.

Sweet Potatoes - They are packed with vitamins and nutrients and contain less calories than white potatoes.  Great for your immune system and your waistline!  Scrape off topings and try to eat the potato with little or no additives.  Cinnamon, however, is a great addition to a sweet potato. 

Cinnamon is known to make you feel satisfied.  Sometimes just sniffing it will take away a craving when you're not really hungry.

Cranberries juice or tea instead of soda - Great for your digestive system and contains cancer-fighting compounds.  Great for urinary tract, skin and immune system. 

Replace your pasta with Spaghetti Squash - simply slice lengthwise, dig out seeds, fill with water, cover and microwave for 20 minutes (average).  Scoop out and use in place of pasta for your favorite pasta dishes.  Doing this can alleviate about 200-400 calories from 1 meal alone!


Always consult your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.