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If you're still not sure how to go about getting the weight loss results you desire, follow this day-by-day guide for assured results.
Here is the first week to follow.  This type of routine can be continued for up to 4-6 weeks.  At that time you'll want to make some type of change or increase the intensity of your workouts to avoid reaching a weight loss plateau where you stop losing weight at a regular pace.  Use the suggested routines page for more information in doing this.

Do this:

Day 1

Perform the Apple Cleanse on day 1 to begin this plan. 
If repeating the week, take this day off from strenuous activity and do other activies you enjoy that will give you a bit of a calorie burning boost.  Don't just sit around.
This will give you a negative calorie balance which will cause you to start losing weight faster.

Day 2


Begin one of the eating plans included with this plan.  Start your electronic food diary too, even if you are not counting calories, it's a good idea to keep track of everything you consume.

Begin the walking plan ....or do at least 30 minutes of other heart-rate raising activity.   Perform the stomach routine included with this plan.

The good-carb diet is portion control, while the low-fat is a calorie counting plan.

Monitor your heartrate by taking your wrist pulse.  Use the formula included with this plan.

Day 3


Do another day of walking or walk/run, step up the pace.  Be sure you begin to up your heart rate within 5-7 minutes of your walk for the best results.

Remember to pick up the pace for faster weight loss results!

Day 4


Add weight training to your routine.  Pick up a set of hand weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles after 10-12 moves.   Do push-ups and squats or lunges if you don't have weights, but plan to invest in some to get the best weight loss results.

The 45-Minute Miracle Routine is a great basic strength training routine.  Get it on the website at a great price.

Day 5


Take a day off from activity but stick to your eating plan.  Make it a point to do little extras like taking stairs, etc.  Get things done that would otherwise stop you from performing your workouts the rest of the week.

Little extras can go a long way in weight loss.  Small changes in everyday habits to include more activity can add up to great results.

Day 6


Perform at least 30 minutes of heart pumping activity such as the walking routine and repeat the stomach routine today as well. 
Keep track of your achievements on the aerobic and strength training tracking pages included with this plan.

Washboard abs come more quickly with regular stomach exercise (about 3 times per week) and a sensible diet plan.

Day 7


Do another day of a full-body strength training session.  Email me if you need direction in what exercises to perform.   Include the stomach routine with this workout as well.

Following a full week such as this, you will begin seeing results in no time!

Here are some additional nutritional tips to use when modifying your new eating plan...


Always consult your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.