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If you are not currently performing any extra activity for weight loss, here are some suggested routines to follow to get that extra calorie burn.  As you know, the more calories you burn in a day, the more weight you'll lose.  One directly leads to the other.
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Start with a Simple Walking Program
  • Walking for fitness and weight loss must be a "brisk" walk. 
  • Walk fast enough to get your heart rate up to the calorie burning level and keep it going for at least 30 minutes 4-5 days per week.   A slow walk is not going to give you calorie burning benefits, so step it up!  Be sure you begin sweating within 5-7 minutes of the walk for it to be effective and keep it going for as long as you can for best results!
  • Combine this with weight bearing exercises 2-3 days per week.  
  • Do a total body workout and include squats, seated rows, shoulder presses, leg presses, arm curls and a good stomach routine.   If you don't have weights, you can perform a few sets of push ups for a great upper body workout and perform walking squats to work the entire lower body.  Finish your quick routine with continuous sets (at least 10 sets of 10 reps) of stomach crunches.
  • For the ultimate routine, do a third activity such as jumping rope, stair climbing or your favorite sport 1-2 times per week for additional aerobic and calorie burn. 

A Super Cross-Training Plan:

If you have access to a gym or fitness machines:

  • Use 3 different aerobic machines, treadmill, elliptical and bike for 10-15 minutes each to alleviate boredom and get enough cardio in your plan. 
  • Follow that with free weights or weight machines.
  • Work both upper and lower body for 15 minutes, going back and forth from one to the other.
  • Remember to work large muscle groups first (squats, row machine, shoulder presses) then smaller groups last (biceps, leg presses, triceps, etc.)  
  • Add a good stomach routine - include at least 10 sets of 10 varied stomach moves.  Use upper stomach presses and cross-overs, obliques and lower pull-in moves for best overall results. Do moves with legs up and legs down so you're using muscles in various ways.  See GetThatBody's basic stomach routine* for a good starter.
  • Do this routine 3-4 days per week for Ultimate Results!  You'll begin shedding weight in no time if you're true to a plan such as this.

*Above link will take you to a different website.

Include Some Type of Activity Daily!

Limited time for Exercise?

Note:  Try Interval training:  Intensify your calorie burn by getting your heartrate up several times during your routine then returning it to a lower level.  Run for a minute then walk for 3, etc.  Doing this 6-8 times in 30 minutes on a treadmill (or walk) will give you the best aerobic conditioning and calorie burning results by taking your cardio system to it's peak several times for metabolism boosting results.

Get the most out of your workouts:

  • Use a Circuit Training Routine - combine aerobic exercise with strength training by going back and forth between each exercise without rest between sessions.  For example:  Do 5 minutes on the elliptical, then 7 minutes weight training, back to 10 on the treadmill, then 10 minutes doing weights, etc. 

Switch back and forth without rest -- Do this 3 times per week for 1 hour each time for ultimate results!

This type of routine gives you an aerobic calorie burn by keeping your heart rate up and builds muscle at the same time.  It does "double-duty" in kicking your metabolism into high gear.

Do Activities you Enjoy!
There are several options for fitting activity into your lifestyle

  • Take up in-line skating for great calorie burn while enjoying the great outdoors.  This is a great lower-body toner. 
  • Go hiking or trail walking at your favorite park.  Also a great mind-clearing workout!
  • Walk flights of stairs - the more, the better.  When tired walk back down, then up again.  Little-known fact: Walking down stairs is great for blood circulation in the lower legs & feet.
  • Incorporate Yoga and Pilates for additional body toning - both contribute to accomplishment and motivation.
  • Play tennis, Racquetball, Basketball, Soccer or any sport that keeps you moving to add to your aerobic conditioning.
  • Fast dancing is a great way to burn calories without feeling like you're exercising.  Put on your favorite music and burn the night away!
  • Remember that more movement of any kind that gets the blood pumping equals more calories burned.  Just get up and move.  Even marching in place will get your heart pumping, throw in a few extra moves to make it last for 20 minutes!


Use The Included Tracking Pages for Great Results!
Keep a calendar of your workouts for added motivation.  Seeing your accomplishments by the week will keep you going to the next.  Then as you begin to feel results (looser clothing??), you'll surely keep it up. 
Be sure to use the handy tracking pages included in this plan, including the food diary and calorie calendar and the aerobic and strength training pages.  Be sure to contact me if you need help.
The calendar below is a great plan to follow to get the the best results because of its variation--Always combine exercise with a great eating plan to get the best results the quickest.
As with any Exercise, Don't forget the important warm-up and cool down sessions:
Be sure to include a warm-up and cool down exercises with every workout.  This will help to avoid injuring cold muscles when you begin the workout and will alleviate muscle soreness you usually feel after about 24 hours following the workout. 
Use continuous movement for at least 5 minutes for the warm-up such as marching in place, raise & lower your arms in controlled motions (front and backstrokes, punches), bring knee up to elbow, hop from left to right, etc.  Because this is the start of your workout, use the time wisely and do enough movement to get your heartrate going.
Save stretches for the cool down following your workouts.  Stretching cold muscles can cause injury and should only be performed when muscles are warmed up. Stretch each muscle group for a count of 8 or 10, whatever feels best.  Never overstretch to uncomfortableness, it doesn't give any benefit to do so and can cause injury, even to warm muscles.
Here is just one example of a full week to follow to get the Fastest Results possible from this plan.
(See another week of activity on the Weekly Plan Page)

A 45-minute Run/Walk
Circuit Training Routine - 45 minutes
Day Off
Eat Right!
Weight Training
45 mins.
Aerobic & Body Toning Routine
Circuit Training Routine - 45 Minutes
Walk/Run or Other Activity

Do what works best for you.  Whatever fits best into your lifestyle is the plan you should go with.  Try to mix it up for variation to avoid boredom and keep the body burning calories consistently.
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Always consult your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.