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45-MINUTE MIRACLE - The Strength Training, Circuit Training Routine

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What is a circuit training routine?

  • A highly effective routine consisting of alternating upper and lower body resistance moves
  • Performed in succession with little or no breaks between sets to burn the most fat and build toned muscle. 
Do this full-body routine 3-4 times per week to see muscle definition and burn calories more efficiently.  By doing constant movement (no rest between sets), this type of training gives you a great aerobic workout in addition to building muscle, which burns fat faster, so You'll see results faster!
Some important things to know:
Because the routine is designed to give you an aerobic as well as muscle building work-out, you must keep moving.
If you need some rest between later sets, you must keep your heart rate going at a fat-burning level (60-70% of Target Heart Rate)  
See Heart Rate Page
The best way to keep moving is to march in place or step side to side lifting the knees, you can also do jumping jacks, walk a treadmill,  jump rope, etc.  Use whatever moves work best for you to keep your heart pumping. 
Keeping your heart rate up during the entire session is the secret to great fat burning in addition to performing these muscle building exercises which burns fat naturally.

Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.  This is especially important if you have pre-existing conditions.

The routine was designed using the large muscle groups first
1.  Push Ups - Works entire upper body - All back, shoulder, arm & chest muscles.
2.  Squats - Works entire lower body - All leg muscles and tightens butt muscles.

It then concentrates on the smaller individual muscle groups, such as shoulders, arms, etc.  Work all muscles to fatigue to see the best results.