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45-MINUTE MIRACLE - The Strength Training, Circuit Training Routine

Cool Down

Heart Rate Calculation
Warm Up
Resistance Exercises
Stomach Exercises
Butt Toners
Cool Down
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It is important to stretch out your muscles after a good work-out to avoid soreness.  The longer you spend stretching, the less sore your body will be.
The recommended stretch time is 10 counts per move, however, you can hold them as long as you feel comfortable and make your cool down last as long as you want.  It should be no less than 5 minutes long.

1. Full-Body Stretch - Hands over head, stretch entire body, pointing toes.  Slowly roll your hips to the right and upper body to the left and hold.  Roll hips to left and upper body to right and hold.

2. Place right leg across left knee and press bent leg with left knee, concentrating on stretching the hamstring and butt muscles.  Repeat other leg.


3. Sit up and bend forward reaching to your toes.  Point toes to stretch top of legs, then flex feet to stretch back of legs (bend knees if necessary).  Stretch lower back as well.


4. Open legs into a V-shape.  Stretch right arm over head to left foot, stretch entire side of body.  Hold for 10 counts.  Repeat other side.


5. Roll body up into a standing position.  With feet apart,  bend at waist and press palms to floor, stretching out legs, back and shoulders count of 10.  In same position, roll onto toes and stretch for 10, then back onto heels, flexing foot for 10.


6. Grab ankes and bend knees; place elbows inside of knees and press butt down toward floor, stretching out inner-thighs, butt and hamstring muscles.

7. Total Leg Stretch-With feet apart, press body to right, stretching out left inner thigh, hold for 10 counts.  Then turn toes up toward ceiling, stretching out back of leg (1st Pic). You can stretch hand over as shown for total body stretch.   Now (2nd Pic) turn entire body and top of leg down for runner's stretch.  Repeat other side.  Hold each stretch for count of 10.
8.  Bring feet together, roll body up slowly.  Now reach up and over head as you take a deep breath in.  Blow it out while swooping your arms down.  Repeat 3 times.
Take a deep breath in....
and Blow it Out
You're Done!!