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45-MINUTE MIRACLE - The Strength Training, Circuit Training Routine

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These are basic strength training moves that cover all muscle groups.  Perform each move slowly and keep all muscles tight and controlled.  Never do any exercise that causes pain or is uncomfortable.  Contact me if you have any questions.
Use weights heavy enough to fatigue the muscle at 8-10 repetitions but light enough that you can properly control each movement. 
Do 1 set of each exercise slow and controlled.  Go from one move to the next with no more than a 10 second rest to keep an aerobic heart rate.  When you need a rest, keep moving between sets by marching in place,  walking up and down stairs, using a treadmill, repeating the warm-up moves, etc.  Anything to keep your heart rate at the 60-70% level.
You can easily go back and repeat a 2nd set of any move - just remember to rest the worked muscle for the same amount of time it took to perform the set. 
To build large muscle mass, use heavier weights and perform about 6-8 repetitions per set
To define muscles, use moderate to heavy weight and do 8-15 repetitions per set.
To Tone muscles, use lighter weights and perform 15-25 repetitions per set.
If you are 30+ pounds overweight, Use lighter weights and do 20-30 repetitions.  Advance to toning and defining as you become more conditioned.

Directly after the warm up, while your heart rate is still up....
1.  Do 1 set of 10 push ups slowly; 2 counts down, 2 counts up.  Works the entire upper-body. Keep stomach in/back & neck straight.
2.  Wide-Leg Squats - Feet wider than shoulder width, Slowly squat down as if sitting, keep back straight to avoid injury.  Press up to starting position using legs and butt muscles.  Go down farther as you get comfortable with the move.
3.  One-Arm Row - Using dumbell and weight bench, use back muscles to bring straight arm up to chest.  Keep head down to avoid neck strain.  Repeat other side.

4.  Dead Lift - Feet shoulder width apart, bar on floor.  Bend forward, knees bent; use your legs and butt to lift bar/weights to hip heighth.  Concentrate on strengthening lower back muscles (secondary) while straightening completely up all in one smooth move.  Repeat.

5. Chest Press - Using bench with bar or dumbells - Press weight toward ceiling and return slowly.  Concentrate on chest muscles and inner elbow as thrust for the press.
6. Basic Squat w/calves - Feet shoulder width apart, use same movement as in #1, squatting slowly as far as comfortable and returning up slowly.  This time go all the way up on toes to work calves before doing next squat.

7. Shoulder Press - Using bar or dumbells, sit up on bench, keep back straight.  Place weights at shoulders and press up toward ceiling.  Return slowly to starting position and repeat.


8. Forward Lunge - Hold heavier weights at hip level, take one step forward and lower knee 1-2" from ground.  Press back up using butt muscles, shift weight to back leg, keeping other leg out front.  Repeat slowly.  Repeat other leg.


9. Single Arm Preacher Curl - Angle back of weight bench and use for curl.  Curl arm in concentrating on bicep muscles, pushing up with lower palm to help complete the rep.  Return slowly.


10. Triceps - Use bench at slight angle.  Hold bar above head, slightly lower behind, bending elbows and press back up to starting position.

11. Step Up - With weights at sides (use a fitness step or crate), step up, tightening butt muscles. Return, repeat other side.

12. Shoulder Flies - Hold dumbells at sides, palms in; lift slowly up and above head (3 counts up, 3 counts down) and return to starting position slowly.


Last:  Do one set of 10-12 push-ups (as shown in Step 1) to complete this muscle-building part of this routine.

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