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45-MINUTE MIRACLE - The Strength Training, Circuit Training Routine

Alternate Moves

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Stomach Exercises
Butt Toners
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Here are some alternate moves you can use to mix up your work-out a bit.  It is recommended that you change your routine somewhat every 8 weeks or so to keep your body from adapting to the same old exercises.  Keeping your muscles challenged with different exercises helps you to avoid exercise and weight loss plateaus (where you stop seeing results).

Upper Body:
Back - Bent Row - Using straight bar, bend slightly; knees bent slightly, pull bar up into chest using back muscles.  Be careful to keep back straight to avoid lower back injury.
Shoulders - Using straight bar, stand with feet shoulder width apart, rest weight lightly on shoulders and press to ceiling.  Bring weights in front of head and press up again.  Go back and forth between front and back of head.
Shoulders - Using dumbells, lift one arm at a time straight in front of you; palms down.  Return arm to starting position (palms in) and repeat other side.  Do right, then left and back and forth.
Arms - Using straight or curl bar, curl weights up to chest keeping elbows at sides.  Straighten arms 3/4 way back down and repeat lift.
Triceps - Using dumbells and bench, use same position as in #3 but instead of pulling weights up, press lower arm up and out behind you, using tricep muscle to complete the move.

Lower Body
Lunge & Walk - Using dumbells, walk across floor taking large, lunge steps.  Go down within 2 inches of floor, lift with butt/leg muscles and take large step/lunge with other leg.  Walk across floor then turn and repeat.
Using ankle wrap weights - Lean on bench, on forearms, press leg up and "L" shape with bottom of foot toward ceiling.  Press lower leg in to butt, tightening with every inward move.  Do next set pressing heel up toward ceiling with small pulses.
Butt Tightener:  On Knees - Hold dumbells on upper thighs.  Sit back on heels and squeeze back up, using butt and hamstring muscles.  Do slowly for best results.  Repeat for 3 sets of 10.

More to Come......
I'll update this page periodically, so check back for new alternate moves.